Published on: 26 October 2022


"After we made it 1-1 the match could have gone differently, but then we conceded a penalty that we shouldn't have given away. Now, we have to recover physical and above all mental energy in order to finish in the best possible way before the break. We have to take what happened to transform anger into positive energy. The elimination didn't happen tonight, although here we should have been more involved in the game, but after the second set back everything became more difficult. At the beginning Benfica played very fast football, then in the second half we went out and showed what we were capable of, but by then we were already down in the match. Now, we have to get over the elimination which hurts, and then think about the championship and then next Wednesday we have to ensure qualification to the Europa League. We would have liked to be playing a different kind of match next Wednesday. The youngsters who played tonight are beginning to gain experience, they have enthusiasm and no fear, this is good for us."


"It's a pity. In the last minutes of the match we played as a great team. In the first half we played very badly, but we tried to turn around the game at the end. We took the wrong approach and ran the risk of a bad match, but then we reacted."


"We had got ourselves back into the game, but then we conceded the penalty at 1-1. There was reaction by us at the end and now we have to think about Lecce and then PSG, because we have to get into the Europa League at all costs. We have to be united as a team, as we've done in other moments, on Saturday we have a very tough and important game. A lot changes between the Champions League and the Europa League but we have to keep going forwards with our heads held high."


(Photo LaPresse)