CAF Champions League: Al Ahly wants Medeama SC tie cancelled

Published on: 22 February 2024
CAF Champions League: Al Ahly wants Medeama SC tie cancelled
Al Ahly

Egyptian powerhouse Al Ahly SC has formally requested a postponement of their upcoming clash against Ghanaian champions Medeama SC, reaching out to the Confederation of African Football (CAF) for assistance.

In a statement released on Wednesday evening, Al Ahly revealed that their journey from Accra to Kumasi was abruptly halted due to unforeseen circumstances.

Despite the plane touching down in Accra for refuelling, an unexpected collision with the fuselage resulted in a mechanical malfunction, rendering the aircraft incapable of continuing the journey.

Efforts to rectify the issue proved futile, leaving the Al Ahly delegation stranded in Accra overnight. Despite endeavours to secure an alternative flight, their endeavours bore no fruit.

Consequently, the Al Ahly contingent will spend the night in Accra and aim to catch the earliest flight to Kumasi on Thursday morning.

However, adherence to competition regulations necessitates that visiting teams undergo at least one training session at the match venue before matchday.

Given their anticipated arrival on Thursday, it's improbable for Al Ahly to conduct training on the same day, heightening concerns of jet lag and physical readiness. In light of these challenges, Al Ahly has communicated with CAF, ostensibly seeking a postponement of Friday's fixture to Saturday.

Currently leading Group D with six points, the defending champions, Al Ahly, face Medeama SC, who sit at the bottom of the group with four points. With two matches remaining to conclude the group stage, the outcome of this encounter carries significant implications for both teams.