Concern Hearts of Oak supporters and shareholders set to demonstrate against club

Published on: 16 February 2024

Hearts of Oak supporters and shareholders are gearing up for a demonstration against the club, expressing deep dissatisfaction with its management.

Led by convenor Eric, the planned protest reflects widespread frustration over unfulfilled promises, particularly regarding the dissolution of the board by team owner Togbe Afede.

Despite recent appointments of a new coach and managing director, supporters remain discontented, citing delays in the formation of a new board.

Togbe Afede's plea for patience until February has been met with disappointment as news emerges that the timeline has been extended to March, further fueling unrest among the fanbase and stakeholders.

"We got our permit before Save Ghana got their permit everything is ready. Concern Hearts of Oak and shareholders are doing the demonstration our message is simple the management of the club is not good," he told Peace FM as monitored by

"We have seen that the way Togbe is handling the team is not good it is a simple message last year at AGM on that day we were about to dissolve the board because their time was up and he pleaded with us that we should give him till February he will constitute a new board.

"But that time the accounts will be ready and we will come and approve it we saw that last week Friday he has pushed it to March it is through this demo that they have made panic decision by appointing a coach and an MD.

"We have no problem we will work with the coach but we are telling him that the new board he will bring it shouldn't be those that will come and disrespect the supporters like those there now,"